In memoriam

We remember those anniversaries of death which fall at this time during the month of March

1st    June Artt  Richard Halliday  
2nd   Harry Davies     
3rd   Brenda Loughran     
6th   Murial Foden    
8th   Margaret Ankers Alexander Bateman  Flora Davies 
9th   Lily Davies    
10th   Baby Jack Summers – Mannion     
12th   Gertrude Harton     
13th   Ray Barnes    
14th   Hilda Bakewell    
15th   William Freeman    
16th   Leonard Harton    
17th   Janet Wilkinson Robert Wilkinson  
18th   Robert Blake  Dennis Teasdale   
20th   Jane Anstess Brian Williamson  
22nd   Charles Wilson     
26th   Tommy Hoare     
27th   Margaret Wheeler    
29th   Richard Tudor    
30th   Alma Wilkinson     
31st   Anne Elizabeth Pinchbeck     

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