In Memoriam

Anniversaries of those loved ones we no longer see, for the month of April.

1st    Elizabeth Halliday     
2nd   Minnie Stockill    
3rd   John Alexander     
4th   Sid Matthews    
6th   Minnie Sparrow    
7th   Ronald Morgan    
8th   Rose Clements     
9th   Edith Hunter    
10th   Winifred Mitchell    
14th   Keziah Smith  Basil Leech   
16th   Joan Smith    
19th   Lena Edon  May Whitehouse  
20th   Thomas Davies Nellie Wilkinson  Dorothy Connor 
23rd   Edgar Whitehouse    
24th   George William Gate     
25th   Doreen Whitfield     
26th   Fred Holmes     
30th   Ken Leatherland