In memoriam

We remember those anniversaries of death which fall at this time during the month of December 2018

3rd   Charles Henry Lawrence  Elsie Ankers     
4th   John Sullivan      
5th   Tom Waite  Bella Gresham     
6th   Richard Thomas       
7th   Mary Elizabeth Coleman      
8th   Leslie Pettett      
9th   Louisa Alexander       
10th   Louisa Jubb      
12th   William Artt James Foden Edith Helen Phillips   
13th   Vincent Paul Clements       
16th   Peter Catton      
17th   Frank Bartram      
19th   Harry Whitfield       
22nd   Rath Sides       
23rd   Betty Harton Celia Matthews    
25th   Helen Hall      
26th   Haines David Wells  William James Wheeler     
28th   Jean Saul       
29th   Olive Pettett Elizabeth Laville     
30th   Marian Tuffs Ivor Matthews    
31st   George Yates Lesley Pettett Ernie Cowell Margaret Davies

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