In Memoriam

Anniversaries of those loved ones we no longer see, for the month of October.

4th   Anne Marsden    
5th   Caitlin Marie Scully  Joseph Brian Robert Sands   
    Doris Vera Hodgson David Anstess  
8th   Charles Vic Page    
9th   Sarah Bland    
11th   Thomas Parry Father David George Hodgson
12th   Belinda Sullivan    
13th   Nan Wilson    
14th   Robert Laverick    
20th   Albert Edward Hall Lawrence Foden John Cross
    Peter Jackson    
21st    Ted Ayrey    
22nd   Minnie Ford Delores Jean Crossen  
23rd   Keith Myers    
25th   Clifford Radigan    
29th   Robert Ankers     
31st   Harry Hoggett