Baptism Anniversaries

Baptism Anniversaries for the month of April

21st April 2013   Jairus Jacob Hatfield  
21st April 2013   Tyler John Richmond   
21st April 2013   Finley James Peacock  
21st April 2013   Imogen – boe Llewellyn  
20th April 2014   Preston Leo McKittrick  
20th April 2014   Louie James McCormick   
20th April 2014   Calvin James Wilkinson  
20th April 2014   Ella- Rose Wilkinson  
20th April 2014   Romeo-Michael Ronald Robson 
20th April 2014 Adult Lee Wright   
20th April 2014 Adult  Patricia May Baker   
20th April 2014   Joshua Callum Baker  
5th April 2015   Heidi Leigh Ryder  
5th April 2015   Joey William Allan Ryder
5th April 2015   John Brian Fox  
5th April 2015   Blake Colin Watson  
5th April 2015   Anola May Pacitto – Wood 
26th April 2015   Theo Reggie Dawkins – Swales
24th April 2016   Isaac John James Thompson
24th April 2016   Maximus John Morrison  
30th April 2017   Emme Green   
30th April 2017   Kingston Lennox Lewis   
30th April 2017   Riley Georgw Fallis   

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