Baptism Anniversaries

Baptism Anniversaries which follow in the month of October.

27th October 2013   Loyla Marie Stobbs
27th October2013   Tyler Jamie Moore
27th October 2013   Daniel Christopher Green
27th October 2013   Arron Jumar Gerald Green
26th October 2014   Indie Leigh Forster
25th October 2015   Joey Robert Carter
25th October 2015   Riley David Cook – Foster 
30th October 2016   Jess Teasdale 
30th October 2016   Reo Michael Armstrong 
30th October 2016   Frankie James Armstrong 
30th October 2016   Miles Alan Armstrong
30th October 2016   Kenzie Michael Kevin James Armstrong 
22nd October 2017   Nelly Aurora May Fryett 
22nd October 2017   Livarnie Milner
29th October 2017   Jake Lee Power
29th October 2017   Lvy Jo Usher 
7th October 2018   Owen Christopher Clark 
7th October 2018   Sophia Grace Clark 
14th October 2018   Annie-Mae Cheryl Robson 
28th October 2018   Harrison Lester Clayforth Lee