Baptism Anniversaries

Baptism Anniversaries which follow in the month of August.

11th August 2013   Noah Edward McQueeney
11th August 2013   Cayleb Scott McQueeney
25th August 2013   Gracie Mae Longley 
25th August 2013   Siena Rose James
25th August 2013   James William Warburton
25th August 2013   Jak Junior Carter 
25th August 2013   Perri  Garbutt
25th August 2013   Heidi Garbutt 
24th August 2014   Esmae-Rose Morgan
24th August 2014   Grace Elizabeth Simpson
24th August 2014   Olly John James Mitchell
24th August 2014   Cassie-Jo Dooty Manning 
24th August 2014   Eliza Florence Robertson
16th August 2015   Noah Lee Harrison – Wilson
16th August 2015   Jakob Thomas Urwin
16th August 2015   isabella Grace Bailes
14th August 2016   Lana Mae Sands 
14th August 2016   Spencer David Starling – Watson
14th August 2016   William Sebastian Starling 
14th August 2016   Edward Arthur Starling 
21st August 2016   Max Carl Stones
21st August 2016   Hilton Paddy John Walker 
27th August 2017   Tommy James Forrest 
27th August 2017   Michael Thomas Dybell
27th August 2017   Isabella Sophie Hall
27th August 2017   Bayley Stephen Keith Richardson
27th August 2017   Halle June Rose Watson
19th August 2018   Alaia-Lilly Ingledew