The Church of the Ascension




Parish Notices – Sunday 24th June 2018


Sunday 24th June 2018         9:15 am   Parish Mass

Birth of John Baptism – Celebrant Fr Dominic


Monday 25th June 2018          5:30 pm    Office Hour

Monday 25th June 2018          7:15 pm    Service of the Word

Monday 25th June 2018          7:45 pm    Bible Study


Wednesday 27th June 2018   9:15 am     Mass

Celebrant Canon Angela Bailey


Sunday 1st July 2018            9:15 am       Mass

Trinity 5 – Celebrant Fr Dominic

Sunday 1st July 2018                        6:30 pm      Taize Worship

Holy Trinity North Ormesby

Saturday 30th June 2018 – 11:00am – 1:00pm  Summer Fayre

Tuesday 2nd July 2018 – 7:15 pm Pie and Pea Supper

A few weeks ago I bought what can only be described as a ‘purposeless absurdity’, a toy dog wearing a yellow mac and sou’wester, holding an umbrella. When his paw is pressed he taps his foot and sings, ‘I’m singing in the rain.’ A purposeless absurdity is something we don’t really need yet everyone who looks at my little do can’t help laughing. So perhaps, however absurd it is, it does have a purpose; it makes us laugh. We all need a bit of humour.

I’m not sure where it comes on the hierarchy of needs. As human beings we need air to breathe, water and food to sustain us, clothes and houses to warm us and shelter us. We are aware of how many hundreds of people in our world die through lack of the basic necessities. We need them to survive even at a subsistence level but, to quote Shakespeare’s King Lear, ‘Allow not nature more than nature needs man’s life’s as cheap as beasts.’ God has created us with five senses and a world without music and song, poetry and literature, and colour and flowers would seem empty to us. He has created us to know the need of someone to love and to be loved in return. Not many people would choose to live alone on a desert island.

Our list of needs seems to grow as the more we have the more we want. Sooner or later we have to differentiate between need s and wants. Taken to an extreme the things we amass are not necessities but possessions that we feel we must have around us and they become too important. They don’t necessarily bring satisfaction and happiness.

There’s a need I haven’t mentioned. All the other things feed our bodies and minds but, as Christians, we also know we have a soul and that needs feeding too. Our true need is for God and we need him as a drowning man needs air or as the starving need food. Jesus has promised us that God understands our needs but he tells us first to seek the Kingdom of God and all the other things will be added to us. When we feel his presence with us the material things don’t matter so much.

I don’t need my little dog and, when I hear that someone else’s need is to be cheered up, I’ll pass him on. In the meantime he reminds me of the adage, ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.’








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