Parish Notices


Sunday 17th February 2019 – 9:15 am Parish Mass

3rd Sunday before Lent – Celebrant and Preacher Rev. Dominic Black

 Monday Office Hour is suspended until the arrival of Fr. Emmanuel.

 Wednesday 20th February 2019 – 9:15 am Parish Mass Celebrant – Rev Angela Bailey

 Sunday 24th February 2019 – 9:15 am Parish Mass

2nd Sunday before Lent – Celebrant and Preacher Rev. Dominic Black


Monday 18th February 2019 at 7:15 pm – P.C.C. Meeting.

Could all members meet for a service of Mass conducted by Rev Dominic Black before discussing the arrangements for Father Emmanuel’s licencing.

Annual Easter Chocolate Raffle:

This is scheduled to be part of the Social Evening planned for Tuesday 9th April at 7:15 pm.  We are asking for donations of chocolate, if you could contribute to this it would be much appreciated.  

 Tuesday 19th February 2019 – Middlesbrough Deanery Synod at

St Martin’s Whinney Banks.  Evening Prayer 7:00 pm Meeting 7:45 pm


Tuesday 26th February 2019 at 7:30 pm – Deanery Fellowship in the Ascension Church Hall. – Guest Speaker: Debbie Bristow – working as a Christian counsellor and the work that is developing in Middlesbrough  


Most of us will remember the Hans Christian Anderson story about the Emperor’s New Clothes. The Emperor was a vain man who loved to be dressed in clothes of beautiful colours and texture. When a couple of con-men told him about a new material they had spun, which no one had ever worn before, he was determined to have a suit made of it. However the material was so fine they said that only the most intelligent people could see it. Not wanting to appear ignorant the Emperor agreed that he could see it and, when the Emperor agreed, so did his courtiers, but in reality it didn’t exist. When the Emperor paraded before his people in his ‘new clothes’ no one wanted to admit they couldn’t see them. Only one little boy dared to call out, ‘The Emperor is naked!’

I thought of this story when I realised how far we had come in accepting new ideas that once were considered wrong; things like euthanasia, abortion on demand and change of gender. They have been introduced in the name of tolerance and understanding and in every circumstance we are made to believe that only the most enlightened people of the 21st century can see that this is the right way to view things. That we have a right to do what we like with our own bodies is the accepted belief of those who want to be considered ‘enlightened.’ Tolerance and understanding must always play a part in our thinking but we must be cautious about opening the door of change a fraction only to find it is very quickly forced wide open. We need to turn to the Gospels to find out what our Lord had to say before we go off at a tangent thinking we have to discard past beliefs. Unfortunately the teaching of Jesus has so often been consigned to the past as no longer relevant. The Emperor in the story wanted to disguise himself as an intelligent man who could see what the ignorant could not. Instead he showed himself naked and foolish.

Two people way back in the book of Genesis did the same. When they chose to disobey God they too thought they had been enlightened and disguised themselves in clothes made of fig leaves. By excluding God they could decide for themselves what to believe and what to see as truth. This is how sin came into the world.







The Reverend Emmanuel Nazir Masih has been appointed Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of The Ascension, Middlesbrough.

Fr. Emmanuel served as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church before joining the Church of England. He studied at the Gregorian University in Rome and for ten years was a Roman Catholic Priest in his home country of Pakistan. For four years he was a college professor, as well as having extensive experience in writing and broadcasting.

But Fr. Emmanuel felt a call to the Church of England. He was received in our Diocese in Europe and served with the Anglican chaplaincy in Italy before coming to England to spend two years at Wescott House theological college in Cambridge. He has been ministering in the Church of England’s Diocese of Portsmouth as an assistant parish priest since 2016. He is a priest associate of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Fr. Emmanuel is married to Fauzia. They enjoy walking and gardening and welcoming people to their home.

Fr. Emmanuel’s licensing will take place on Monday 25th March at 7.00pm.

The Bishop of Whitby The Right Reverend Paul Ferguson, says;” I am delighted to welcome Fr. Emmanuel to Middlesbrough. He comes with many special gifts and a real eagerness to lead the parish of The Ascension and build it up, sharing God’s love with the thousands of people who live and work in it. Please keep him and Fauzia in your prayers as they prepare to move here.”






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