Marion’s Reflection


Another word we hear about the cross is Redemption. Redeeming means buying something back; something we once owned but lost. It’s like the story of the little boy who made a model boat with the help of his dad. He was so proud of it as they sailed it on the river, but sadly current took it away downstream and they coat could not be found. The boy was heartbroken at the thought it must have sunk. But sometime later the boy and his father found it in the window of a second hand shop. They rushed inside and asked to see it. It really was theirs and they told the shopkeeper the story. He wasn’t impressed. The boat was now his to sell and it had a price on it. It was expensive but the father knew how much it meant to his son and he raised the necessary money to redeem it. This is another way of understanding the cross. It’s about buying back.


We believe God created the world and everything in it. Through our turning away from God human beings sinned and in doing that we put ourselves in the hands of Satan. Jesus talked about Satan and was even in battle with him. Just read the temptations. We are enslaved and held in the grip of sin and death. The price of our ransom from sin and death is Jesus’ own life. That is the price he has to pay to let us go free.


Jesus was willing to take our place in Hall so that human beings could be set free. Satan believed he had won the victory. But Jesus is pure light and so powerful was this light that it overcame the darkness and destroyed it. Hell could not endure it and could not keep Jesus imprisoned and so he rose from death and returned to us. We realise that only Jesus could bring about our redemption. No human being was capable of doing what he did and we owe everything to him who has paid our ransom.