The Church of the Ascension


Parish Notices – Sunday 5th August 2018

Sunday 5th August 2018   9:15 am   Parish Mass

Trinity 10

Monday 6th August 2018                    5:30 pm    Office Hour

Tuesday 7th August 2018        Pie and Pea Supper with Bingo

All welcome starting at 7:15pm

Wednesday 8th August 2018           Mass

Sunday 12th August 2018              9:15 am     Mass

Trinity 11



Monday 13th August 2018 – Standing Committee

Friday 17th August 2018 – 7:00 pm. Patronal Festival

St Helen’s Carlin How – Preacher Father Mark Catherall

 Feast of Fun in August 

Wednesday 22nd August to Friday 24th August 2018 and

Wednesday 29th August  to  Friday  31st August 2018


The kids are to be taken on a trip to the North York Moors Danby Centre


Thinking last week about the parables of Jesus my mind began to dwell on those about the ‘lost’ in St. Luke’s Gospel. Jesus uses the illustration of three things, a sheep, a lost coin and the Prodigal Son. The lost sheep is a well-known story. A shepherd has a hundred sheep but he cares for each one so much he leaves the ninety nine safe in the fold and goes off in search of the lost one. When he finds it he carries it home rejoicing.

The third story about the son is also well known. The father in the parable allows his wayward son to take his inheritance and leave home. The son wastes the money but, on coming to his senses, he returns home, thinking he might be allowed to take the form of a servant. But the father sees him coming, rushes out to greet him and even throws a party for him. Such is his joy.

The lost coin parable is perhaps less known. A woman goes to great lengths to find a coin she has lost. Does it really matter? When she finds it she invites her neighbours in to share her joy. Surely a coin can’t be compared to a sheep or a son? But, if the coin had fallen from the circle of coins she wore on her forehead, then it was probably made of gold and would be part of the dowry she had brought to her marriage. Losing it would show great carelessness and arouse her husband’s anger. The coin was a precious thing.

The lost sheep could bleat and let the shepherd know he needed help. The son could make a decision to turn his life around. The coin could do nothing but wait in some dark corner until someone cared enough to search for it. Jesus is telling us that no matter who we are we are so precious to God he will go to the greatest lengths to restore us to him when we are lost.

Something happened to me last week that brought the lost coin story to mind. One of my hearing aids fell out and I was searching frantically for it as it is quite expensive. The search took me through all the rooms of the house as I scanned the floor hoping not to crush it underfoot. Then my daughter-in-law who was helping said, ‘Has it dropped in the top pocket of your blouse?’ Thinking it unlikely I looked inside and there it was. Smiles all round and a feeling of relief. Next morning as I was praying I remembered to thank God for finding the lost hearing aid. Something caused me to think more deeply about it and I began to ponder on the times we lose our own way. We seem to fall from Grace into a dark place where we can feel no help and no answer to our problems. It’s then we were probably in God’s top pocket all the time, and therefore close to his heart. The thought made me smile. It seems God uses our simple experiences to teach us a truth today just as he did in his parables then.



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